Christmas Community Cider Project Batch 3 is made with apples from Inglesham, Wiltshire. The apples were hand picked for the brewery by qualified philosophers.

  • 10/10/2021 - 96kg of fruit pressed, producing in excess of 50l of juice. 1 11l demijohn, 1 10l bucket, and 1 5l bucket were filled, and the remaining juice was either drunk fresh or pasteurised. Christmas Community Cider Project 3 is what was brewed in the 10l bucket from this 3rd batch of brewing. The measured gravity of the juice was 1.043, giving the brew a roughly 5.63% potential ABV. Added campden tablets to supress wild yeasts.
  • 11/10/2021 - Added 4.5g of Mangrove Jack cider yeast to the bucket and left to ferment with bubbler.
  • 11/11/2021 - Fermentation finished. Some film yeast formed on the large surface area at the top of the bucket. Siphoned brew out of the bucket to remove silt. Added campden tablets as precaution against the formed film yeast. Racked cider for maturation into a selection of 750ml-1.5l small bottles as no demijohns free. Bottles marked 3B for identification. Selection of bottles means head space is reduced by design, so no additional liquid added this time.
  • 19/12/2021 - Bottled matured cider from 3B small bottles. Added 20g/l of erythritol sweetener for taste, and 8g/l of sugar for carbonation. Bottling produced 15x500ml bottles for distribution, around 300ml for the bottling party, and tasting quantities along the way.